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Skin health

Skin health

Often when caring for hair, we concentrate on nutrition, restoration and preservation of the color and shine of the hair itself. However, the scalp needs as much care as skin of the face and body. In addition, the condition of the scalp immediately affects the hair. The scalp needs cleansing, toning, moisturizing, nourishing and sufficient oxygen. The skin of the head is as old as the skin of the face, and the wilting of the scalp is directly related to the health of the hair and its density.

Cleansing the scalp

  • Cleansing the scalp should take into account its type. Do not use shampoos that do not fit your hair type. Shampoo for normal hair is more universal, but it will not have a sufficient effect on dry or oily scalp – it can be used in exceptional cases, and hair in this case will require additional care.
  • The scalp is cleaned usually less often than the skin of the face, however, the cleansing schedule is chosen strictly individually. Unjustifiably frequent washing or using a means for another type of hair can provoke a loss of moisture. But on the head, the skin, as well as on the face, can be oily and dehydrated at the same time. Unjustifiably, long breaks between washing the head will impede the breathing of the scalp, which can provoke hair loss and various skin diseases.

Nourishment and hydration of scalp

  • Nutrition and hydration are provided by suitable means for hair and scalp care. It is important to ensure that shampoo and various rinse and supply products are from the same manufacturer. Only care products of one series neutralize each other and do not break the pH level of scalp and hair. Shampoo has an alkaline base and dries hair and skin. To neutralize this process, rinsing after washing with balsam or conditioner, the basis of which is acidic, is necessary. And the level of alkaline and acid pH should exactly match. Such a one hundred percent hit can provide only care products of one series and from one manufacturer.
  • Natural moisturizers can be used from time to time as a supplement to basic care. However, all products have different effects, so some of them may not be useful for your type of scalp and hair, and some are even harmful. To use the gifts of nature in the care of the scalp effectively, you need not only angelic patience and an ineradicable desire to be beautiful, but also a qualified expert advice. Universal from natural remedies are considered egg, kefir mask and mask of burdock oil – they are suitable for all types of scalp and hair, but the degree of their effectiveness – the value of individual.


  • What we eat plays an important role for the health of the scalp and hair. In the diet should be in sufficient quantities to be present B vitamins, vitamins A, C and E. The scalp reacts poorly to such executions as unsystematic fasting or frequent overeating.


  • Regular scalp massage keeps her youth, improves the condition of the hair, promotes their growth and shine. A professionally performed massage activates the blood circulation and includes the processes of renewal in the scalp cells. Hair grows much faster, as if waking up, and the skin regains its tone. Massage is useful because it is effective not only in a short period of time, but is also the key to healthy hair in the future. Roughly speaking, if you regularly do massage, you are much less likely to grow bald in 20 years.
  • Easy massage can be done independently with the help of fingers or a special brush. Movements are made in the direction from the forehead to the occiput.

Breath of the skin

  • The intake of a sufficient amount of oxygen is an important condition for the health of the scalp. Regular walks in the fresh air are very important – it is desirable, of course, if the promenade’s place is not the city’s full of motor gas, but a coniferous or deciduous forest.
  • Hair hardly breathe under dense headdresses, so if the weather allows, it’s better to do without them and be sure to remove them indoors. Although the current weather, the issue of headwear has already almost passed to the background.
  • The breath of the hair is especially difficult when wearing a wig. By the way, one of the advantages that the African hairstyles and hair extensions give is that you can model your hair, create hair of any length and thickness, without interfering with the breathing of the scalp and the fact that with the help of afropriches and build-up you can disguise the deplorable state of your hair, Not forcing the scalp to experience oxygen starvation.

Staining and perm

  • The scalp produces a protective film with the help of sebaceous glands located on its surface. The dyeing and waving procedures are more or less invasive to the scalp. Therefore, before staining and curling with chemicals, it is important that the scalp has sufficient lubrication in the form of a natural thin fat layer

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