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Acyclovir is used to treat infections caused by herpes viruses.



What is herpes and how to treat it?

The herpes virus in the human body behaves very cleverly and insidiously – it penetrates into the cell (nerve or blood cells), and the immune system is unable to deal with it. The herpes virus inside the cells not only hides from the immune system attack, but also actively propagated using the resources of nutrients and components of healthy cells. The distinguishing feature is that it penetrates into nerve cells and then propagate along the nerve fibers within the body, affecting the peripheral and central nervous system.

This is a fact that herpes can be in the “dormant” state in the spinal nodes (nerve ganglia) and wait until it’s a moment to show up during a long period of time. Exacerbation of herpes infection occurs when the immune system is weakened – due to hypothermia or other illness (flu, sore throat, etc.).

Causes of failures in the natural protection of the body may be different, but the disease has always the same pattern: first, there is a feeling of tension, “ticking” pain and itching sometimes. Then there are slight redness and swelling, then become visible red nodules. Finally appear bubbles with clear content.
Depending on the condition of the body and the adequacy of the treatment, lesions are kept from several days to several weeks. In conclusion, the bubbles burst, when it become dry, appears yellow-brown crust, which later disappears without a trace.

Externally, herpes virus is shown at five percent of people infected, with everyone else this disease is asymptomatic. For most people, acute herpes occurs on average 1-2 times a year. If it occurs more than four times a year, then person should start taking additional measures to control the virus.

It is recommended to consult a doctor when such options rash of herpes simplex: occupy vast areas of the skin, especially if it occurs close to the eyes, abscess, go to the oral mucosa, accompanied by severe pain and fever.

  1. The best treatment existing nowadays to treat different kinds of herpes is acyclovir.
  2. Acyclovir pills prevent the reproduction of the herpes virus, preventing it from infecting new cells.

Acyclovir in the form of dispersible tablets is an antiviral drug which used to treat infections caused by the herpes virus. Among the herpes viruses have species that cause what is often referred to as the common cold on the lips and genital herpes (respectively, the virus first and second types), and the virus that is the causative agent of varicella (chickenpox) and herpes zoster.

During acute herpes is necessary to minimize contact of sick person with the others – this will minimize the risk of transmission. The patient is also recommended to use a separate towel, mug, spoon, etc.

Treatment and control of herpes – a difficult but doable task. Success usually accompanies those who uses a holistic approach to therapy. First of all – it is necessary to use special antiviral drug- acyclovir.

Since herpes manifests itself outwardly with weakened immunity, it is necessary to use the funds to stimulate the immune system and ointments that reduce the outward manifestation of the disease. All of these procedures, which suppress the herpes virus, it is necessary to begin to do immediately with the appearance of external symptoms.
For prevention of herpes vaccine can be used, the frequency and number of injections depends on the organism condition and the severity of the disease.