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Why dark spots appear on the face?

As soon as the sun warmed really on the streets immediately appeared a girl with his “kiss” on his face. Freckles – efelidy – are the result of enhanced production of the body of the coloring pigment melanin.

All the elimination of the hated pigmentation!

To get rid of pigmented spots of this type is not necessary. In fact, this pigmentation – a protective reaction of the skin to increased exposure to the sun.

Freckles – the most harmless kind of pigmentation. They appear in the spring, as soon as the sun will enhance their activity, and by the fall of almost disappearing.

Usually efelidy peculiar to people with fair skin, especially redheads. Such skin is most afraid of sunlight.

  • Brown spots: the cause of the
  • Brown spots may appear when you

Before entering the scorching sun made use of cosmetics containing alcohol and essential oils, especially citrus oils.

They can also provoke a peeling procedure.

External stimuli – not the sole cause of pigmented spots on the face. Often, they only appear if you have a disorder of internal organs work:

  •  large spots on the cheeks and the outer oval person speak about violation of hormonal background;
  •  if his cheeks were covered with brown spots, then the disorder with the liver;
    receiving hormones and antibiotics cause increased pigmentation of the upper lip;
  •  paint the whole face can malfunction of the adrenal glands, sex organs, the thyroid gland, as well as stress and worms;
  •  at the appearance of age spots can be a cause of pregnancy is associated with a common hormonal disorders in the body. After birth, with the first month, they will go with the face.

The possibilities of treatment of pigmented spots

Treatment of age spots is not difficult, if the cause of their appearance lies in the internal organs. Quickly can whiten dark spots provoked by intake of medicines.

If the cause of pigmentation foreign, something to help get rid of age spots can be a beautician. The special interiors used a variety of methods of lightening skin and improve complexion.

Cosmetic removal of age spots is carried out only in autumn and winter. The composition includes acid bleaching agents that injure the skin surface. These injuries in conjunction with hot sun can cause even greater growth spots.

Do not engage in removing age spots yourself, contact a specialist. The professional beauticians will understand the causes and treatments individually pick up.

Do not use “Grandma’s recipes.” Cucumbers, strawberries, parsley can contain a large amount of nitrates. And instead of whitening pigment spots, you can make atopic dermatitis.

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