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Acyclovir is used to treat infections caused by herpes viruses.

Acyclovir reviews

Gabi, 14 December, 12:15

Since I was a child I have herpes on my lips. Probably from the lack of information me and my parents didn’t go to the doctor and treated it with folk remedies. We were not able to cure this decease in less tham 2 weeks, it was awful. Acyclovir ointment was a salvation fro me. Some doctor once advised, looking at my “beautiful” lips. There no lipstick which can hide your lips herpes. Acyclovir accelerates the healing of herpes appeared and not giving it to spread more. Now, with acyclovir I can get rid of herpes during 3-5 days maximal.

Bella, 18 December, 13:01

Good preparation at the beginning of the disease. Thanks for fast delivery.

Amanda, 21 December, 14:20

The problem with herpes coexists with me since my childhood. Cold on the lips appears very often. The drug Acyclovir advised to me my mother, as she experienced it on her own experience.I used this ointment according to instructions. It is really rapid-acting drug. It takes about 3 days to cure herpes.

Alana, 2 January, 18:45

Herpes is a very unpleasant thing. Lesions appear on the lips and my whole body feels not very good. Appears fatigue, irritability. On my work, I constantly communicate with people. And herpes on the lips for me is simply awful. I don’t want people look at my lips instead of looking in my eyes. So, I was told at the pharmacy that Acyclovir helps really good. It is a cure, it also relieves itching and pain. It costs a penny and so helpful.

Strike man, 4 January, 19:01

Where and when herpes virus is in the body – is unknown. This problem appearing recently with me. Simple like flew and here you already have appeared specific rashes, as clusters of small water pimples on the lips. I would say acyclovir gel is the only thing which helps me.

Elisa, 5 January, 19:52

Only this ointment saves me from a cold on the lips.

Ben, 8 January, 20:03

Like most people have, I have herpes often pops on the lips. It is a very uncomfortable and unsightly appearance in general. Tried many expensive publicized antiherpetic funds, but the therapeutic effect of these little noticeable, they can help only in its infancy herpes on the lips. The herpes virus is in the body and is always there “dormant”. Acyclovir helps me so much. Delivery is fast on this web-site. thanks

Katty, 9 January, 21:15

Acyclovir is an antiviral drug. The best among the most famous drugs in the world. The author received the Nobel Prize for the development of a number of drugs including acyclovir. As the main active ingredient acyclovir comes in a wide variety of tools to deal with various forms of herpes. Its highly effective and shows a lot of positive reviews posted on various forums and sites people applying. Acyclovir made for treating rashes on the lips, nose, genital organs for encircling a rash caused by the herpes virus.