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Plastic of frenulum foreskin

Plastic frenulum of the penis frenulum foreskin – a small operation, painless and does not require lengthy preparation. It can be performed at any age, does not require general anesthesia and hospitalization. Children under 12 years of age anesthesia is administered intravenously, the men make an injection of lidocaine or another local anesthetic directly into the skin folds of the penis. Pain is not felt either during the operation or after its completion. The bandage is also usually required.

Within 15-20 minutes (it usually takes so much plastic bridle of the foreskin), the patient can go to work. Some days he would have to handle the wound with ointment, and two weeks later it is recommended to visit the doctor.

What is the plastic bridle of the foreskin?

Some men suffer from congenital disorders: skin fold, conjugating the flesh with the head member, they is not long enough or not plastic. It must during intimacy or masturbation shift, exposing the head.

Short fold brings a lot of problems:

  • It does not allow the flesh to shift to the desired distance.
  • In some cases, a bridle can tear, causing bleeding.
  • Short fold can lead to temporary or permanent impotence.
  • Most men suffer from this pathology early ejaculation.

From all inconveniences delivers simple procedure – plastic bridle of the foreskin. A professional surgeon can lengthen trudnestey without additional skin folds, to make it plastic, good stretch.

   Plastic frenulum foreskin – a cross frenotomy and its subsequent longitudinal suturing. In some cases it may be sufficient only dissecting and suturing is required.

   A twenty plastic frenulum foreskin permanently removes man from the most intimate problems:

  1. Completely eliminates the risk of rupture of the frenulum.
  2. It increases the duration of sexual intercourse.
  3. Plastic can cure a temporary impotence.

How is the plastic bridle of the foreskin?

Plastic frenulum chlenaSegodnya plastic bridle of the foreskin does not require a thorough preliminary medical training. On the appointed day the patient comes to a specialist, who immediately starts operation.

Plastic frenulum foreskin begins with a thorough treatment of the penis.

  • Then, the patient is administered anesthesia. Intravenous – children up to 12 years, local (injection of anesthetic into the skin of a member) – older patients.
  • The next stage – just plastic bridle of the foreskin. The doctor cuts through the special tool across a short skin folds, and then, if necessary, take in it along. The scar that forms after 2-3 weeks, will be soft and pliable.
  • If the patient has already occurred such skin breaks and in their place formed a rough scar, the doctor may remove the altered tissue.
  • Once again we draw your attention to the fact that the plastic bridle of the foreskin, even with excision of the scar tissue, rarely takes more than an hour.

Complications of plastic bridle of the foreskin

This operation eliminates the risk of major bleeding or other serious problems. In some cases, the patient may be in danger of infection that gets into the wound with poor hygiene. To infection has not occurred, a man recommended:

  • Carefully take care of yourself.
  • On the wound to apply a cream prescribed by a doctor.
  • Avoid masturbation and sex life until the final healing.

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