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Phenomenon of pigmentation

With the phenomenon of pigmentation know everything, because there is no person who would not have found on the body of a birthmark. To include pigmentation and freckles, from which so diligently trying to get rid of the majority of women. However, if they can decorate the face of the red-haired girl, the big brown stain is not decoration as female and male skin. Moreover, the pigmentation of the skin – not that other, as a malfunction of the endocrine system, which in itself means irregularities health. Therefore it is not only possible, but necessary at times to get rid of age spots, and even better – the reasons for their appearance.

Perpetrators of “brown spots” and their types

Determine the cause of age spots is easy. Firstly, lentigo any kind appears only in two cases: When melanin is not enough, or, conversely, when it is in excess. Moreover, the more likely the latter. The excess melanin can be triggered by a long stay under the sun’s rays, which are not just nice warm, but also carry a certain dose of ultraviolet radiation. Melanin is produced in order to protect it from the body, so when there is a natural tanning pigment.

The second equally important reason – hormonal disruptions. In such cases, a violation of skin pigmentation caused by taking any hormones, such as contraception.

Diseases associated with hormones may also cause the appearance of spots on the skin. On the other hand, if a person has health problems, even if not hormonal, and he has to be treated with tetracycline antibiotics, it should expect the first signs of melanin pigmentation.

Expect brownish stains can be in old age, especially with the proviso that early life was filled with the sun. These are called senile pigmentation, and they are absolutely not harmful to health. Familiar to us moles or nevi another, more insidious – they can take any size of round, grow in size and even become malignant, so the jokes are very bad with them. It’s not cute and harmless freckles, which are poured on the open parts of the body at the red light or the people in the spring and summer.

These same causes pigmentation of the skin on the legs, arms and face cause lentigines – benign pigmentation. They have a circular shape and clear, mostly – dark circles. Interestingly, their size is not dependent on the frequency of sun exposure. Quite a different character have the education as chloasma – large and ragged. They are symptoms of such diseases:

  1. Hormonal disruptions – with the appearance on the edges of the face near the ears;
  2. liver problems – on the cheeks;
  3. Worm infestation – in the area around the mouth;
  4. Malfunctions of the adrenal glands – a rash all over his face.

They can also denote more serious diseases that require immediate treatment to the doctor. That is, the pigmentation of the skin can be benign (freckles, lentigines, age spots) or malignant (chloasma, some moles). However, the treatment they are still almost the same, the only difference is that in the second case is required to undergo a full medical examination.

Treatment and removal of age spots

In our time, despite the fact that virtually every medical institution offers its services in the treatment of age spots, full disposal of them can be a serious problem. Indeed, firstly, the need to eradicate the cause of skin pigmentation on the face and body, because otherwise all the action will be useless. Secondly, you need to choose a quality method of treatment, and do not forget about the integrated approach. So, what now offer clinics:

  • Laser removal of pigmentation;
  • Treatment of flash units;
  • Chemical peels;

Practiced many other similar procedures, having you make dark spots almost imperceptible. But it is important to remember that the spots caused by pregnancy, taking certain medications or use of cosmetic products themselves will disappear as soon as you get rid of the cause, so there is no point in starting their treatment.

If treatment is required, then accelerate and consolidate the results you need in-house. It is recommended to drink a course of vitamins to boost immunity. You can also use a variety of bleaching creams, but when combined with other treatments, be sure to consult an expert. Treatment of pigmentation means even a special diet, and for good reason, because some foods speed up the conclusion of the pigment of the skin. Be sure to keep this in mind, if a long time struggling with this problem.

Remember that there are no unsolvable problems – search, select, and you’re sure to cope even with such a complex problem as pigmentation of the skin of the face and body!

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