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How to remove crow’s feet under the eyes?

More and more women are interested in: how to remove crow’s feet around the age of accessible, affordable means? Typically, these “legs” often make facial expressions more joyful and friendly. However, if such very deep wrinkles, they can upset the woman. To deal with crow’s feet is recommended as soon as they appear on the skin. Only then it will be possible to achieve good results. If the wrinkles have become very deep, it is unlikely to succeed to completely remove them from the face.

To date, beauticians have identified several reasons for the appearance of crow’s feet. And not all of them are connected with the withering of the skin. There are many factors that accelerate the processes of appearance of facial wrinkles on the face. Let us consider them in more detail:

The most common reason for the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes is a feature of the eye muscles. For most women, they are in constant motion. This thin skin age, where there is no body fat permanently compressed, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

  • The habit often squinting, excessive emotionality – a similar reason. The more force periocular muscles to work, the sooner will appear crow’s feet. Often also these wrinkles appear because of the refusal of sunglasses. This not only squinting contributes to the formation of folds, but also the impact on the delicate eyelid skin to ultraviolet rays.
  • The bad ecology, constant stress and lack of sleep are often the cause of premature aging of the skin. A different bad habits and malnutrition exacerbate the situation. This will need to conduct a comprehensive anti-aging treatment, trying to establish a regular rhythm of life.
  • If the skin around the eyes dry, the wrinkles can appear and in a fairly young age. It is often the cause of dryness is allergic, the wrong skin care, lack of moisture and excessive stretching of the century when removing makeup.
  • Sometimes wrinkles are the result of disruption of the normal water-salt metabolism in the body. This often occurs in women who suffer from kidney disease, and hormonal disorders. In this case, you must first be treated, and then remove wrinkles.
  1. It dries the skin under the eyes
  2. Dry skin under the eyes
  3. The most famous folk ways of how to remove wrinkles under the eyes

2 Traditional Recipes

Still, as much as possible to remove the crow’s feet around the eyes with the help of effective and safe folk remedies?

There are many recipes, some of them even enjoyed great-grandmother. Now a closer look at the most effective and accessible of them to date.

How to quickly remove the crow’s feet around the eyelids?

  • The recipe is the use of various oils. It has long been established that essential oils have a beneficial effect on the skin, contributing to the restoration and rejuvenation in the shortest possible time.
  • A good effect is given almond, sea buckthorn, olive and castor oil. You can choose any of them for cosmetic procedures. Instead of oil is applied as a cream or as a mask. It recommended daily apply on cleansed skin of eyelids, paying most attention to the field of wrinkles, use a small amount of any of the funds. This should be done by patting with your fingers. After 7-10 minutes wet cloth remnants of oil.

Traditional recipes

  • Well it helps mask based on such oils. Before the procedure, the skin should be clean too. To prepare the masks need to mix on any finger of essential oil with the same amount of vitamin E, which is sold in ampoules at a pharmacy. The resulting composition applied to the lines, close the skin pieces of parchment and soak in the tranquility of 20 minutes. Then blot the oil with a dry cloth.
  • Recommended after a mask wipe crows feet under the eyes with ice cubes. And best of all, if it’s all frozen concoctions of herbs. From wrinkles is very good broth chamomile, sage, calendula, green or parsley root.
  • If the skin around the eyes is prone to dry, scaly and often sensitive to cosmetics, it can be a symptom of allergies. To quickly moisturize the skin, eliminate the high sensitivity and partially remove the crow’s feet, it is recommended to use aloe juice.
  • It is best to disrupt the lowermost sheet of the old house plant and squeeze the juice out of it. It is useful in this juice in the morning and evening, lubricate the eyelids and crow’s feet. This intensive moisturizing nourish cells, whereby the skin becomes more elastic, wrinkles smoothed in part, peeling stops.
  • Excellent helps combat crow’s feet natural honey. It is important to make honey mask every 3 days for two months. Wrinkles around the eyes is required to be smoothed, and much deeper defects become less noticeable.
  • For the preparation of the first mask for the skin around the eye is necessary in equal quantities to take a liquid vitamin E (in a vial), natural honey and egg yolk. All this is to grind and mix thoroughly, until a homogeneous thick paste. The resulting mixture was applied to the cleaned, slightly damp skin for 20 minutes, then washed with cool water.
  • The following recipe assumes the use for the preparation of cosmetic masks of honey, strong black tea and crushed oats (not quick preparation, and one that is necessary to cook). It is necessary to take these ingredients in a ratio of 2: 1: 2, respectively. All mix thoroughly and apply on the crow’s feet, and after 20 minutes rinse.

Both of these recipes with honey are quite effective, if constantly repeated procedure. So not only tighten the skin and becomes elastic, but also be satisfied with essential nutrients that a woman’s age is not enough.

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