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Head skin deceases

In our time, normal skin is much rarer than the problem, and the same applies to the scalp: the majority of people are perfectly familiar troubles such as dry scalp, irritation, scaling, itching, hair loss, etc.

The problem of dry scalp familiar to almost everyone: someone can cope with it, someone faced with this periodically, but many with this problem and live, because they do not know how to get rid of it.

Of course, there is a special cosmetics for hair, expensive shampoos and conditioners, and people trying to improve their heads with their help, the skin condition, but it turns out it’s not at all, and often gets worse.

If you cope on their own can not be worth a visit trichologist, get tested and find out the cause of the problem so that you can find an effective method of treatment.

Causes of dry scalp

  • And there are many reasons, and most of them are not far from the surface. Improper diet – one of the most frequent causes of the scalp dryness.
    Now, many working people, and women in particular, tend to “eat no problem” – that is, less to prepare, often use semi-finished products and fast food, prepared foods (sausages, sauces, canned food, etc..) And fast food, and obtained as a result of further problems – suffer skin, hair, and nails.
  • Bad habits and a sedentary lifestyle – another reason. Certainly, on the scalp have no better effect alcohol and smoking – even passive and permanent seat in the room – especially in winter – it just dries. And not so long ago, there was also another bad habit: young people and women, and even older women stopped wearing winter hats, wanting to make an impression on others and not paying attention to the cold and the wind. In our climate, such a habit is fatal for the scalp and hair from exposure to the cold street and temperature changes the skin starts to dry and peel off – because the scalp can not protect cream, as the face or hands.

Dry scalp

  • Hormonal disorders are also a common cause of dry scalp. In women, it can occur during pregnancy, after childbirth and nursing, due to violations of the menstrual cycle, menopause or in the presence of genital diseases – to see a doctor is required.
    Maybe it’s the shortage of vitamins and minerals, this problem “stems” from the above – malnutrition, but vitamin-mineral complexes sometimes becomes a necessity. They also appoint an expert, but in parallel it is necessary to balance the diet: although like to add fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereals, nuts, legumes, olive oil and sesame oil – without heat treatment, fresh eggs, cheese, fresh sea fish and liver.
  • Wrong hair care, “race” for trendy products advertised – is not the last cause of the problem. No need to buy a bright and “tasty” smelling shampoo in beautiful bottles, especially universal: caring quality cosmetics does not happen “all types”, so you need to use only what is suitable for your skin type and hair, and low in chemical additives. For example, it is very harmful ingredient is Sodium Laureth Sulfate – try to buy shampoo without him.

Blow-drying hair – is not just a violent impact, and unmitigated disaster – not only for themselves hair, but also for the scalp. Modern women once dry the hair naturally: our grandmothers plaited braids to old age, and have not heard of dry skin, hair loss and hair breakage, but today we are trying to give the hairstyle at least some amount of any means – does not always work. Dry hair should be thick towel, not hot dryer; if you really need to use hair dryer, turn on the cold air, and irons and curling iron, try to use less.

Not to mention painting: it is also a “cataclysm”, but fortunately much rarer than drying, curling and straightening hair. However, the scalp hair dye has the most direct impact: sometimes women, wanting to get a more saturated color, literally burn the skin, allergies and even get alopecia. Do not paint your hair more than once a 1-1,5 months, and it is better to paint them not at home and in the salon, in a true specialist.

How to wash your hair?

Proper shampooing – an important condition for the preservation of healthy skin. If you notice that your scalp starts to dry out, then you wash your hair properly – try to fix it. Before washing the hair should be brushed; only use “his” shampoo – as hair; apply shampoo on the first hand, plant it with water, rub in the foam, and then applied to the hair – from the nape to the crown.

Rinse the hair must be carefully, and be sure to use the air conditioner; the hair should not be shampoo – otherwise they quickly become dirty. Even if you dry your hair with a towel, do not rub them – wrap and wait, and combing when the hair is almost dry.

Masks and means from dry scalp

Now a little about the home and folk remedies to help moisturize and soothe the scalp.
Burdock oil – an excellent tool for hydration and nutrition of hair and scalp. It must be mixed with extra virgin olive (or buckthorn) in equal parts, add 2 tbsp honey, a little heat the mixture and apply on the scalp on hair partings. Head wrap, and an hour later all rinse thoroughly. Rinse the oil is difficult – it is better to do such a mask in the day, to have enough time. You can cook rinse with mustard – 2 tablespoons. l. 1 liter of water, apply it to the hair, and then rinse his shampoo. Other methods: add salt water to rinse balsam or baking soda to your shampoo – Mix 1: 3.

Mask with sour cream rinse somewhat easier. Sour cream should be taken home, fat (1 tbsp), and mix it with the same amount of lemon juice and a raw egg. The mixture was thoroughly whipped slightly heated in a water bath, and applied to the scalp, as described in the previous recipe. Head wash with shampoo in half an hour, and rinsed with a decoction of oak bark.

Once a week should make a mask with egg yolk. Raw egg yolk fluff, mixed with a small amount of hot water added vodka (1 tablespoon) and at 30 minutes the mixture is applied to the hair roots and the scalp.
Mask with fresh cream (100 g), and the flour is applied to the washed head. The cream is mixed with wheat flour so as to obtain a viscous mass, and this mass is applied to the scalp and hair. After 30 minutes, it is necessary to wash all without shampoo, ordinary pure water.

Rinse off any mask need not hot and lukewarm water and boiled best. In general, always wash your hair do not need to hard tap water, and boiled, or – ideally – decoctions and infusions of herbs. It takes time, but try to do so at least up until the scalp is no longer dry and peel off.

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