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Eyes redden

We asked leading experts of Johnson & Johnson on why our eyes redden, how to maintain their health and found that the charge is to the eye.
How often your eyes should be checked?

  • It is best to check vision at least once a year. Timely diagnosis will prevent many troubles associated with the eyes, or stop them early on. If you have vision problems, it is worth remembering that without proper care in time eyesight may deteriorate. Regular eye exams will avoid many of the difficulties in the future, especially since today to pass an eye exam by a qualified ophthalmologist or optometrist can be in almost any interior optics. Check your area for the presence of such.

What signs might indicate vision problems?

  • The danger lies in the fact that many of the diseases that affect the eye, occur virtually asymptomatic, while lead to various complications. So do not forget to have regular eye exam by a specialist! Even if you think that is fine.

Signs that should pay attention to:

  1. discomfort in the eyes (dryness, burning, redness nagging).
  2. the ability to see (blurred vision).
  3. Headaches, especially in the forehead and eyes, could also indicate the possible inflammatory processes.
  4. If any of these indicators are worrisome, it is an occasion to visit an ophthalmologist.

HOW TO AVOID red eyes while working at a computer?

  • Surely you are experiencing a symptom of eyestrain, spending a lot of time on the computer. This is due to the fact that focusing on something we are looking at the monitor, almost without blinking. And this leads to dryness, irritation and redness of the eyes. It is noteworthy that the higher the degree of concentration on the job, the less likely a person blinks. Add to that the constant use gadgets, plus heating (yes, the eyes do not suffer from less skin and hair).

To avoid discomfort while working at the computer, follow a simple rule:

  • blink frequently to keep dry eye
  • let them rest for a day.

If your eyes were red and tired, catch simple exercises for the eyes:

Close your eyes and see, first right and then left.
Without opening his eyes, eyes, make circular movements in a clockwise direction and in the opposite direction. Each of these exercises should be repeated 10 times.
Choose your field of two objects, one of which is close to, and the other – as far as possible. We need to translate from one to the other, each time focusing vision on the selected object.

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