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Eyes Health

As long as possible to keep the eyes healthy, you need not only the daily care. No less important role in this process is played by prevention. For example, the elimination or minimization of factors that have a negative impact on the eye, and special exercises.

Simple tips can help you to save vision.

Take regular exercises for your eyes.

Nowadays almost everyone has to deal with a variety of electronic devices. A lot of work for long periods at the computer, focusing on the document or image on the monitor. In such cases, often disturbed motor function and age of the person “forget” to blink at normal frequency. As a result, eyestrain, which can lead to visual disorders and headaches. Furthermore, rare blinking leads to rapid evaporation of the tear film prerogovichnoy. As a consequence, there is a feeling of fatigue, irritation, redness and dryness of the eyes. To prevent unpleasant consequences will gymnastics. Performing simple exercises relieves tension, improves blood flow to the eye muscles.

Wear sunglasses.

Ultraviolet rays can cause a number of undesirable consequences for the eyes. Bright sunlight causes microscratch cornea and accelerates the development of certain pathologies (including cataracts). It is especially harmful to those who take medications that increase sensitivity to the sun color, and for people who have undergone cataract surgery. Sunglasses help protect the eyes from the effects of ultraviolet light, reduce the bright glare of the sun, and sharpen the image.

Give up cigarettes.

Nicotine has a negative effect on the human body, including the eye. The risk of developing conjunctivitis, macular degeneration and cataracts in smokers is much higher. In addition, nicotine violates the assimilation of vitamins and nutrients, which affects the condition of the optic nerve. Cigarette smoke, which contains large amounts of harmful tar, irritated eye health and violates state prerogovichnoy tear film. Anyone who wants to preserve his health and good visual acuity, should as soon as possible to give up smoking.

Regularly visit an ophthalmologist.

Important part of the comprehensive care approach to their health is to regularly visit a specialist. Checking eye health and visual acuity – a simple and fast procedure which is preferably carried out at least twice a year. Ongoing monitoring by a doctor to minimize the risk of developing serious illness or complications.

Monitor your blood sugar levels.

Excessive consumption of sweet and fatty foods raises blood sugar levels and increases the risk of developing Type II diabetes. This disease leads to many serious complications, one of which is diabetic retinopathy (a disease affecting the blood vessels of the retina). Rejection of products that contribute to the development of diabetes (or a decrease in their share in the diet), along with the systematic control of blood sugar – a preventative measure, important for the health of the eye.

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