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Acyclovir is used to treat infections caused by herpes viruses.

Acne spots

Causes of acne spots:

  1. ARI;
  2. Disturbances in the endocrine, digestive system (often the nature of power is directly related to the appearance of acne);
  3. Gynecological diseases (often – inflammation of the ovaries);
  4. Hormonal imbalance, when the level of androgens (male sex hormones) far exceeded;
  5. Decreased immunity;
  6. Common infections;
  7. Stress and lack of sleep.

As you can see, the relationship of cold spots and various pathologies are shown. What unites them is that the root cause can easily provoke a cold, and there are already close to acne.

  • Sometimes, this type of acne artfully masked by other diseases – such as dermatitis, allergic reactions, infectious lesions. Therefore, a good solution would be to see a doctor, especially if you are in doubt about the diagnosis.
  • Cold pimples often appear on the seborrheic skin, as there is a lot of sweat and sebaceous glands. If you have a problem of increased sebum and greasy, then the probability of occurrence of acne in the cold anymore. The risk increases with poor nutrition during this period. So watch out for the fact that you have on your plate.

An interesting correlation was found between the common cold spots and the place of their occurrence. Thus, acne hairline indicates that something “unhappy” gallbladder. Check with your doctor for the presence of stones or cholecystitis. Eel above the eyebrows indicates some problem with the intestines. Perhaps there is a chronic intoxication and the wrong diet. This includes medications, especially antibiotics and hormones, as well as vitamins. The body is simply unable to bring a lot of toxins, so they come out in the form of acne. Think instead it’s time to tidy up your diet?

A favorite place of occurrence of acne spots – the nose. There is, in most cases increased fatness, and enlarged pores. Yes, and sebaceous ducts on the surface of the nose more.

A few tips to help you get rid of acne spots:

  1. Daily use cleanser containing salicylic acid and triclosan.
  2. Problematic skin wipe boric acid and lubricate the cream to prevent over-drying the skin (children, “Bepanten”).
  3. Wash immediately after sweat – sweat irritates the skin, helping to spread inflammation.
  4. Try not to supercool.
  5. Organize possible nutrition, not exaggerate with fried and sweet foods – they provoke inflammation of the skin.
  6. If you are sick – immediately begin to deal with the underlying disease. To help you – bed rest and intensive interventions for the prevention of complications.
  7. Take regular baths with sea salt. Very well, if part of the funds for skin care will include seaweed extract.

Of course, you want to get rid of cold spots quickly. By the way, I traced the pattern of appearance of loved ones – that is, if your parents appear during cold eels – the strong possibility of them and you. So find out what helps them in a particular case, they may prompt you the best remedy. And their struggle with acne a lot.

Best acne remedies against colds:

Boric acid. Lubricate the affected skin one time per day.
Prepare the infusion of mint, green tea and chamomile. Ice cubes and wipe your face.
Apply Zovirax ointment, 2 times a day.
Celandine tincture on vodka – 1 tbsp dry herbs in a glass of vodka. Infuse 2 weeks, inflammation lubricated several times a day.
Prepare a decoction of chamomile, drain. Add 2 drops of tea tree oil, drain. Apply a dot on the affected areas.
Restorative therapy – vitamins (preferably take a multivitamin complexes).
And in addition to these tips, remember that in cold weather to dress warm – no matter how it was corny. The body is not too cold, and the immune system will guard your health. Then you will avoid many problems – including colds and acne.

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