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Acyclovir is used to treat infections caused by herpes viruses.



With age less acne appears on the face, acne. But there are other inflammation in the form of slightly convex reddish spots called rosacea or acne rosacea. The trouble is more common on the skin of those people who are prone to acne youth. After white pustules under the skin nodules may remain on the blood vessels and in the menopause, are inflamed, they stand out in the form of rosacea.

  • Rosacea may appear on any part of the face, often settles on the chin, cheeks, nose, forehead and even earlobes. Let us now causes rosacea and how to treat rosacea. CAUSE appearance of rosacea on her face – abuse of alcohol, fatty, spicy, fried, as well as the use of large amounts of coffee or tea. And provocateur rosacea is not the caffeine, and hot drinks. The cause of rosacea may be living in the Demodex mite skin. Not always rosacea accompanied by suppurative inflammation, rosacea sometimes can be seen as a simple red spots. Rosacea on the face can spoil not only the appearance of man, but also the opinion of him, sometimes in the middle of a red spot appears sinenkie flasks (telangiectasia), particularly possible in the elderly. Unpleasant is that this effect is similar to the spots that appear on the face of a man drinking heavily. And so people are leading a sober way of life, but may be prone to rosacea look like …


If you are troubled by frequent hot flashes, ie, face reddens the skin and splash like heat, the chances to see on the face of rosacea is increased. To avoid frequent tides watch your emotional background (prop course motherwort), avoid hot drinks, rooms with high temperatures, are not in a long time near the appliance heats up to a high temperature. When skin exposure to rosacea you need to take preventive measures. If you are forced to spend large amounts of time outdoors exposed skin smear protective cream. Sunbathing no longer than 10-15 minutes a day, opt for this procedure, morning or evening hours. Even the running herpes resolve, if you drink a glass of the night … The doctors were taken aback! Herpes is treated exactly 3 days. Helps Grandma’s recipe … Violation of the digestive system appears similar cosmetic defects, so check the condition of the stomach and intestines. Try to sit on a diet in order to organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. The site is an example of a diet that helps in such cases. You can use it or consult with your doctor about the proper nutrition you. Pick interior and exterior for the treatment of rosacea, a dermatologist or beautician can help.

  • In the early stages of the disease may have to do without powerful pharmacological agents for the restoration of the capillaries rather use a good makeup. Prefer Drugs with vitamins C, A, K or a group V.Podobnaya cosmetics in a wide range represented in pharmacies. In such formulations may survive for a long time and do not move to the next stage of the disease. In the case of rosacea during hormonal changes, all the disease can develop very quickly and then the cosmetic products is not enough. In this case, a dermatologist will prescribe to you in addition to the outside of internal preparaty.Ne always possible to completely cure the disease, but in time to initiation of treatment will help maintain long youth and beauty of the skin.

The creams of rosacea usually present hexachloran and Ichthyol with tetracycline. Often used in the treatment of rosacea drugs with 15% alcohol content of camphor. The doctor, after clarifying the nature of facial rosacea may prescribe metronidazole. All medicines, use only after consultation klinike.Kosmetolog prompts you to physical therapy with oxygen or liquid nitrogen dioxide, but such procedures are preferably carried out in conjunction with the treatment of internal organs. If exposure to a person stick to a diet for rosacea, eliminate sharp foods, drink alcohol, low-alcohol, totally abstain from red wine, hot drinks, watch your nerves, avoid extreme temperatures and UV rays. If you want to share, how do you manage to deal with this disease, which methods are helping and which are not. Write comment! People need to know that they are not alone with the problem, but there are those who will help and support in difficult times.

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