Generic Zovirax®

Acyclovir is used to treat infections caused by herpes viruses.


Cialis Black

General information It is an effective stimulator of male erection. Clinical trials have shown that Cialis Black is one of the best generics that can increase the sexual activity of men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Skin health

Skin health Often when caring for hair, we concentrate on nutrition, restoration and preservation of the color and shine of the hair itself. However, the scalp needs as much care as skin of the face and body. In addition, the condition of the scalp immediately affects the hair. The scalp needs cleansing, toning, moisturizing, nourishing […]


HEALTH WOMEN AFTER 30 YEARS: pain points Women’s Health after 30 years: pain tochkiSo time in a woman’s body is changing. Sometimes they lead only to small inconveniences that go away. But some may cause diseases. you will learn from this article on what to look out at the age of “thirty”. Thus, women’s health […]

Pigment spots

The reasons for the formation of pigmented spots on the upper lip Treatment of pigmentation by topical therapy How does a ray?

Phenomenon of pigmentation

With the phenomenon of pigmentation know everything, because there is no person who would not have found on the body of a birthmark. To include pigmentation and freckles, from which so diligently trying to get rid of the majority of women. However, if they can decorate the face of the red-haired girl, the big brown […]

How to remove crow’s feet under the eyes?

More and more women are interested in: how to remove crow’s feet around the age of accessible, affordable means? Typically, these “legs” often make facial expressions more joyful and friendly. However, if such very deep wrinkles, they can upset the woman. To deal with crow’s feet is recommended as soon as they appear on the […]

Removal of atheroma

Prices for services at the clinic Surgeon Surgeon home Atheromas the advantages of the removal of atheroma “Surgitron”: the maximum guarantee against relapse performed without surgical sutures shorter recovery period after surgery It does not require hospitalization short-term rehabilitation

Plastic of frenulum foreskin

Plastic frenulum of the penis frenulum foreskin – a small operation, painless and does not require lengthy preparation. It can be performed at any age, does not require general anesthesia and hospitalization. Children under 12 years of age anesthesia is administered intravenously, the men make an injection of lidocaine or another local anesthetic directly into […]

What is peeling?

Peeling – this procedure is applied to the skin of chemicals to cause its controlled damage. peeling skin procedures provide quick and visible results. Chemical peels are used by doctors Telo’s Beauty Clinic, if there are violations of pigmentation, rosacea, acne, enlarged pores and signs of aging (skin dryness, peeling, wrinkles, tone reduction).

Face peeling at home

Peeling the person at home is different from the professional peeling lower concentrations of active ingredients, which in the case of error will not allow you to put yourself irreparable damage. Remember that improper conduct peeling can cause burns of the skin of the face and the subsequent appearance of superficial scarring and hyper or […]

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