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Acyclovir is used to treat infections caused by herpes viruses.

October, 2016

Head skin deceases

In our time, normal skin is much rarer than the problem, and the same applies to the scalp: the majority of people are perfectly familiar troubles such as dry scalp, irritation, scaling, itching, hair loss, etc. The problem of dry scalp familiar to almost everyone: someone can cope with it, someone faced with this periodically, […]


HEALTH WOMEN AFTER 30 YEARS: pain points Women’s Health after 30 years: pain tochkiSo time in a woman’s body is changing. Sometimes they lead only to small inconveniences that go away. But some may cause diseases. you will learn from this article on what to look out at the age of “thirty”. Thus, women’s health […]


Rosacea on the FACE – CAUSES AND TREATMENT With age less acne appears on the face, acne. But there are other inflammation in the form of slightly convex reddish spots called rosacea or acne rosacea. The trouble is more common on the skin of those people who are prone to acne youth. After white pustules […]

Why dark spots appear on the face?

As soon as the sun warmed really on the streets immediately appeared a girl with his “kiss” on his face. Freckles – efelidy – are the result of enhanced production of the body of the coloring pigment melanin.

Pigment spots

The reasons for the formation of pigmented spots on the upper lip Treatment of pigmentation by topical therapy How does a ray?

Phenomenon of pigmentation

With the phenomenon of pigmentation know everything, because there is no person who would not have found on the body of a birthmark. To include pigmentation and freckles, from which so diligently trying to get rid of the majority of women. However, if they can decorate the face of the red-haired girl, the big brown […]